We are trained interface designers and software developers creating technology for modern industries.

Our story

Our team started from just two people in 2013 and grew up to a half hundred in 2018. Over the period of five years, we've worked on dozens of projects of different size and complexity. Anything ranging from a one-person / one-month website to a team of 25+ people working on a single project for all five years. A lot of talented and highly skilled people joined Upsilon IT since 2013, everyone bringing in a unique piece of expertise.
Today we have experts in:
  • – Go
  • – JavaScript
  • – Machine Learning
  • – NLP
  • – DevOps
  • – Container Orchestration
  • – Test Automation
  • – Manual QA
  • – User Experience
  • – Project Management

Enough to cover a full development cycle of a modern software project. Upsilon IT provides a fertile environment for personal growth and lifelong learning for its employees. We frequently run skill-sharing sessions, English lessons for employees, attend and host professional events. We treat everyone individually and always make sure that project requirements align with everyone's personal goals.

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718 Old San Francisco road

Sunnyvale CA 94086


5-4th floor Nemiga Street

Minsk 220114


Work with us

If you like what we do and are interested in joining our team, you are really talented, hardworking and a team player then apply via the jobs advertised below.