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The quantity of messengers' users is growing very fast. Different marketing researches proof that over 75% of Internet users prefer to use messengers for getting necessary information more than social networks. Although social networks are still viral, more than 55% of Internet users prefer to buy, get service, get answers, and find business partners via popular messengers. For example, there are approximately 12K of chatbots on Facebook messenger.

Chatbots open great potential for business or community to grow extremely fast.

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We offer significant experience and transparent process

We have over 4 years of experience in chatbot development of any types and complexities. During our experience, we have created a business process that makes chatbot development transparent, efficient, and fast. Here are the main steps we use to make the idea come to the final product that matters.

  • We start by analyzing business targets and requirements;
  • Show possible solutions and examples that can meet all needs;
  • After we agree on the plan and vision, we start working. We utilize Agile methodology so that our customers can see the results every 2 weeks;
  • We continuously evaluate our relationships and suggest ways to improve;
  • And finally, we deliver the product that can work for our customers' business 24/7.

We are not staying apart once the project is done. We are always ready to help, consult, and speak about improvements in the product.

Only progressive technologies for chatbots

For chatbot development, we utilize only progressive technologies that make final products useful. We develop chatbots with the help of Python, React, and React Native to make them work and utilize Machine Learning algorithms to give a “soul” for them.

Such a stack of technologies gives us borderless possibilities of creating chatbots according to any requirements:

  • standard chatbots (they work according to the set algorithm)
  • self-learning chatbots (they understand speech more precisely and answer questions better)

Why you should work with us

In conclusion, we want to say that chatbot is not a simple expansion, as it can seem at first sight. Many factors should be taken into account to create a handy product in this sphere. Only a team that has experience can develop what you are searching for. We offer what is necessary for chatbot development:

  • The transparent, efficient and clear development process
  • Progressive stack of technologies
  • Any complexity according to requirements
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Always stay in touch with the client and representatives

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Our projects


Medignition - Educational app for healthcare Innovation hub


ThoughtSpot - Developing internal resource management application


Data visualization for making right business decisions

Industries we excel at

Our clients are businesses of different types and sizes. We developed projects for companies in a range of industries: finance, media, healthcare, education, government, real estate/property, social media, travel/transport, e-business, e-commerce, to name a few.

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Kenny R. Lienhard

Kenny R. Lienhard

CTO, Medignition Inc

We wanted to implement a new education platform that offered online courses in finance. The scope focused on the implementation of multiple user interfaces. UpsilonIT used React, GraphQL, and GatsbyJS. UpsilonIT had strong coding skills. The app had a clean codebase and complied with all specifications. They complied with our requirements for the UI. We communicated daily via Slack.

Matt Wong

Matt Wong

CTO, Civic Connect

Upsilon’s work was always on time and met all customer expectations. Their team had an ease of communication but what was the most impressive about them is the integrity and work ethic of each member. We had a business manager, a lead architect, and a mix of senior and regular engineers. The workflow was extremely effective - the teams had a regular cadence for communication.

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Zhanar Serikpayeva

Creative Consultant, Etage Group

We needed help with mobile app development, data analytics, and beacon installation to be able to collect, store, and analyze our customer data. The finished application met the requirements perfectly, with the team finding an excellent solution to collect, analyze, and store customer data. They were highly professional throughout the work, always making themselves available, and responding well to any changes.

Amazing companies who trust us: