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As the product was developing our team successfully overcame many challenges regarding fitting a lot of options, activities, services and hierarchy elements on your single page with easy access to them. All of those reacting appropriately in relation to your permissions, set-up, and starting place of the user flow.



One of the most used and powerful tools in the business world of Art is reporting. The standards and requirements of reports in the industry are extremely high and complex and on the one hand, should strictly follow the structure of professional reporting, on the other be highly customizable for each client's needs.


Set Up

We've created an ability to set up highly customizable report templates that will fit client needs for various collection management activities. After selecting a preferred type of report, you can design it and fill with any data that you track for your objects or actions. Select attributes or group of attributes that you will use, and ordering, grouping and totaling of your liking, maybe text that will be prompted for each report while generating. Choose how introduction, closing, header and footer areas will look like and your good to go without the need to come back to it again.

Price list report

Generate It

Select one of the preset templates or ones that you've created for yourself and run it on any set of objects that you want. ou were listing through your collection, and in a few clicks, a full report is ready for your convenience.

Print It

Though Art business becomes more and more digital, we still respect the need of having a printed copy of your report at your hands. All reports are available in .docx and .pdf and optimized for printing.

Prin It

Private Viewing Room

Client's Collection and Art assets are extremely private and secure information, but there is often a business need to share information about a set of objects for sale, valuation, insurance and so on. Private viewing rooms were created precisely for that reason and to make this process quick, customizable and very clear on information that you are sharing.

Gadgets Flower
PVR Collectrium Object Listing
PVR PVR Listing
PVR PVR Object Details


As the number of use-cases for Collectrium application grew, there was a clear need to have the ability to manage multiple collections with objects, not as just separate accounts, but have a global overview of them with shared functionality and statistics, but still having the ability to go deeper into each collection and maintain all of the existing features.

Multi account navigation Multi account list


Time line
Lot Lot Lot Lot Lot Lot


Collectrium is more than just an inventory management system. Analytics and statistics are potent tools to manage your collection and your business. Dashboard panels are a central point getting an overview of your inventory, it's size, cost, and changes over time, with the main idea in mind that client should get more information that he put in.

Mask Dashboard
Dashboard Cloth

Illustrations & Gifs

We love bringing in some individuality and character to the apps we are building, making even the most generic things and pictures part of the general theme of the project.

404 page 404 page
New release presentation New release presentation
Maintance Maintance
Non fine art support
Non fine art support

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